Summer Heat Safety for your Dog

Summer Heat Safety for your Dog

Summer is probably a dog’s favorite time of year. Sweet air to sniff, green grass to roll on, and more outdoor time with their favorite people. But it’s important to remember that exposure to summer heat can be dangerous for your good boy or girl. That doesn't mean the fun has to stop when the temperatures start to rise, but it does mean we need to make sure we know how to protect our fur babies when summer sizzles. Aside from fresh cool water, bringing them inside when it’s hot, and never leaving them in the car on hot days, what else can we do to keep them safe in the heat? Below are a few tips to help you both get through the doggiest dog days of summer. 

  • Get Outside at cooler times - If you can, get outdoor activities done when the sunshine isn’t its strongest. Dawn and twilight can be good times depending on where you live. If that doesn't work for you, focus on creating fun activities and stimulation indoors. When you return from any summer outing, offer your pup a nice place to cool off like a cooling mat in front of a fan.
  • Play Indoors - When you can, play with your dog inside. Whether it’s Hide-the-Toy, a game of chase to inspire the zoomies, or a fun stuffed frozen Kong, get creative to stimulate your dog’s mind and energy inside your home. 
  • Don’t let them overexert themselves - When the heat is extreme, consider shutting the doggy door so you can monitor outdoor time. They might think it’s a brilliant idea to sunbathe on the patio until their tongue is blue, but we know better. It’s also a good idea to make sure your energetic pup doesn’t overexert themselves and risk heat stroke. When they come inside, make sure they have a cool place to recover. A dog cooling mat can help your pup cool off in minutes. 
  • Know the signs of overheating and heat stroke in dogs. Some of these signs include excessive panting, blue or bright red gums, among many others. We encourage you to learn more. If you see any symptoms of heat stroke in your dog, contact a veterinarian immediately.

Signs of Heat Stroke - Cambridge University


  • Offer Cooling Tools - There are lots of tools you can use to help your pup get through the hottest days of the year. Offering healthy, frozen treats is a guaranteed hit, and adding ice to your dog’s water bowl may help. Other tools like dog cooling mats and fans are essential for beating the heat when you have fur. Our Cool Beds dog cooling mats are ideal because they transfer heat from your dog’s body through evaporation cooling. Pairing our Cool Bed cooling mat with a floor fan  or crate fan will create the ideal cooled micro-environment for your dog.

Following these tips should go a long way to keep your favorite pupper safe, comfy, and happy all summer long!

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